Post Wildfire OHV Recovery (PWORA) will be working diligently to orchestrate and organize volunteers to bring back our OHV, 4×4, dirt bike, and any/all recreational access trails after terrible fire seasons.


Highway 395, Fall 2012, wildfire


Unified multi-interest coordination will take place throughout the effort (more on this soon). A strategic Steering Committee will oversee the implementation of this group, consisting of Ted Cabral, Donald Amador, Del Albright, Stacie Albright, Art Crofts, Jeff Blewett, and Matson Breakey of MetalCloak as the business rep.


Local clubs/groups will get the full support of PWOR to ensure their local access is restored as soon as possible, hopefully with financial and staff assistance.


26-Year wildfire veteran and past Registered Professional Forester (RPF), Del Albright will ensure volunteer efforts meet or exceed fire agency expectations, tasks and conditions.


State Parks Off Highway Motorized Vehicle Recreation Division Commissioner, Ted Cabral will ensure political, financial and legal volunteer efforts are appropriately in place, while leading the Strategic Steering Committee.


Donald Amador of Quiet Warrior Racing will serve as Operations Chief and ensure training and certification requirements for volunteers are met and instituted within fire agency mandates, while putting boots on the ground for work projects.


Post up on our Facebook group page, your availability, interest and county/area where you live if you want to be on the team.  If you are not Facebook, you can use the Contact page here.